Turkish Coffee – (Turk Kahvesi)


Turkish coffee is a kind of ritual for Turkish culture. Coffee means love, enjoying time.. It is not like to grab on the way to work. In Turkish culture, the translation of breakfast is ‘before coffee’. I love drinking coffee with my hubby, parents, brother or friends. The taste of the coffee is more delicious, pleasant when you drink with loved ones. The poet says that “Not the coffee, nor the coffeehouse is the longing of the soul, a friend is what the soul longs for, coffee is just the excuse”,  Turkish coffee is indispensable for me. 😉


Turkish coffee is strong and flavorful. It is prepared in a small pot with coffee, sugar and water. I prefer to drink it without sugar. Before serving  the coffee, you are usually asked how you want to drink it. Usually there are 3 choices with sugar, less sugar or plain . If it is not asked, you will drink your coffee with a middling amount of sugar.

To prepare;

  • Small pot, known as ‘cezve’
  • 1 demitasse cup of water for each person (cold is better)
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of Turkish coffee per cup
  • 1-2 teaspoons of sugar per serving (depending on how sweet you prefer)

Stir the ingredients well with a teaspoon until coffee mixture becomes homogeneous. Then put the coffee pot on heating source. You don’t need to stir anymore. Your Turkish coffee should be foamy at the end.
To obtain foamy coffee you should control the foam of the coffee because it will rise slowly in the beginning but be careful it’ll get faster afterward. Before it boils remove the pot from heat. Then divide 2 teaspoons of foam to each cup. It should be divided equally to each cup. Again put the pot on heat, repeat the rising of the foam once more then divide foam to cups. Lastly, pour the coffee slowly among the coffee cups.
I also want to tell you that fortune telling is another fun reason after you had coffee. I missed the times we enjoyed with my friends by practicing fortune telling for fun.

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